250L GMP Model SSGL Reactor Pic2250L GMP Model SSGL Reactor Pic1On test this week is a 'beau-ti-ful' 250 litre stainless steel glass lined reactor designed and manufactured by Standard Glass Lining Technology (SGLT) for a Pharmaceutical laboratory in South India.

Mr. Nagesh Rao, SGLT Managing Director said, "These small glass lined reactors are ideal for Research and Development laboratories or Pilot plants used to prove the process capability before full scale manufacturing".

Mr Rao continued, "Standard Glass Lining Technology manufacture a wide range of Glass Lined Reactors, typically from 250 Litres to 16,000 Litres both in Mild Steel and Stainless Steel base material. We hold an incredible amount of inventory (over 10 crores) of pre-manufactured vessels in all sizes so that we can provide exceptional customer service and industry leading delivery timescales".