Standard glass iso9001At SGL we operate an ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System with policies and procedures to ensure the services we offer are of the highest quality standard. We are also NABCB acredited and 3rd party KBS certified.

The SGL glass-lining technology and processes has been developed in conjunction with the Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute (CGCRI) in Kolkata, India.

Our coded welders, certified to the latest ASME standards, create the base fabrication which is then expertly finished to ensure no surface imperfections.

SGL KBS logoAfter the fabrication and machining, all welds are subjected to Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) in accordance with latest ASME and international pressure vessel standards, to ensure joint integrity. The product is then normalised and shot-blasted to ensure all the surfaces are clean and have the optimum surface finish for mechanical adherence of the glass coating.

After applying the glass coating, SGL’s automated CNC furnace affects fusion between glass particles to cure the coating evenly to precise quality standards.

Throughout the glass coating process SGL check coating thickness, spark testing and visual inspection. During equipment assembly, SGL perform visual, dimensional, alignment and/or operational inspection as required.

During final inspection, SGL may perform torque, vibration, noise and/or power consumption testing in accordance with the customer requirements. In such cases, on completion, we will provide a full report outlining the results of the condition monitoring and operational checks.