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Standard Glass Lining Technology Pvt. Ltd. (SGL) is pleased to announce a business collaboration with M/S Hakko Sangyo Co. Ltd. (Hakko Sangyo). Hakko Sangyo is a leading manufacturer of Advanced Glass Lined Equipment and is headquartered in Otsu Prefecture Nakatsu City, Japan.

Under the agreement, Mr. Toru Tanaka, Managing Director of Hakko Sangyo confirmed that Hakko Sangyo will provide SGL with the latest and most advanced glass lining technology to produce “conductivity glass equipment” and “pharma glass equipment” with increased equipment safety and life.

SGL is part of the Standard Group of Companies and headquartered in Hyderabad, India.

Mr Kandula Nageswara Rao, Group Managing Director of the Standard Group said, “this is a very significant advance in our ability to provide our customers with the very latest glass lining technology.

“At Standard we continually invest in world-leading technology and innovation to ensure the products we provide to our clients offer the very best operational performance and safety.”

Hakko Sanygo is an industry leader in glass lined technology and has received the “Manufacturing Grand Prize Kyushu Industry Bureau Director Award” in 2011 and “Elution of metal to the limit” award for its best corrosion resistance glass ‘No.200’ and ‘Glass for Antistatic:SEF’.

This innovation together with SGL’s total commitment to exceptional customer service, will create a formidable, industry-leading collaboration for glass lined equipment supplied to the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food and Nuclear Industry sectors.

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Standard glass lined reactor manufacturing testing

Standard Glass Lining Technology are manufacturers of Glass Lined Equipment including Glass Lined Reactors and Glass Lined Receivers.

Currently in assembly and testing are four Glass Lined Reactors, type AE with detachable lids as shown.

These Glass Lined Reactors have been manufactured in our Unit 2 facility in Hyderabad in the state of Telangana, India. This 50,000 sqft facility is one of four Standard Glass Lining facilities located in Southern region of India which specialise in serving the Pharmaceutical and Chemical industry sectors.

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